How Can You Benefit from Permanent Pier Installation?

Many Boat Owners Wonder if Permanent Pier Installation is Worth It

With winter on the horizon, it’s safe to say our days out on the lake are almost over. Many boaters dread the task of removing their dock for the winter and wonder about a more permanent option. As pier installation experts, we at Captain Rod’s can guarantee that there are significant benefits to owning a fixed pier. In this article, we will help you to determine if those benefits are right for you.

How Does a Permanent Pier Handle Winter Weather?

Experienced pier owners are aware of the threat that ice and snow can pose to a dock’s stability. As the water around the pier freezes and expands, it can do severe damage to a pier’s foundation.

The secret to a fixed pier’s permanence lies in its makeup. At Captain Rod’s, we construct our permanent docks with robust steel frames to combat the harsh effects of winter. Since the frames are welded together with no adjustable collars or moving parts, ice will have a difficult time damaging them.

So, if you’re tired of worrying about removing your floating pier before it freezes, then permanent pier installation could be the way to go.

What Bodies of Water are Best for Fixed Pier Installation?

It’s important to consider the type of body of water you live on before choosing a fixed pier. After all, some bodies of water are better suited for removable piers, and it can be difficult to remove a permanent pier once it’s in place.

Here are some factors to consider for different bodies of water:

How Permanent Piers Fare in Lakes

A solidly built permanent pier will have no problem surviving in any lake. But, of course, you don’t just want your pier to survive; you want it to thrive! For a permanent pier to flourish in a lake environment, it must be both fashionable and functional.

A fashionable fixed pier is one whose frame always remains wholly submerged. Achieving this criterion is only possible in a lake with relatively constant water levels. A lake whose tides widely fluctuate isn’t ideal for a fixed pier because it will frequently expose the dock’s underside. For more aesthetically appealing results, a removable pier would be a better option since it rises and falls with the water levels.

A vast water level range can also inhibit how a permanent pier functions. Getting into and out of a boat can become difficult and even dangerous when the water is low since it will drop well below the pier. This problem doesn’t exist in floating piers since they move up and down with the tide.

In sum, if you live on a lake with little to no water level variance, then fixed pier installation may be a good idea. Just be aware of the problems that could arise should water levels suddenly decrease.

How Permanent Piers Fare in Rivers

Permanent docks boast some significant advantages over floating docks when it comes to pier installation in rivers. First, because removable piers float on the water and aren’t as firmly tethered to the ground as their fixed counterparts, there’s more of a risk of them drifting away as the current of the river pushes against them. In contrast, permanent piers stand firm.

Another way rivers cater more to permanent piers than floating docks is because they often demand shorter piers due to space restrictions. Usually, it’s cheaper to install and easier to maintain a short permanent pier than it is to do the same for a short floating pier. On the other hand, floating piers tend to be less expensive when an extended dock is needed because they require less of an underwater framework.

Overall, a fixed pier is more at home in a river because of its compactness and strength.

How Permanent Piers Fare in Wavy Waters

One final factor you should consider is the waviness of the water in your location. If you live near rougher waters, then you should avoid removable piers. Otherwise, you may not enjoy walking or lounging on your dock as it bobs up and down on the waves.

Permanent piers don’t get tossed around by the waves because of their strong foundation. They are much more comfortable and safer to traverse when the tide gets rough. So, if you live on more turbulent waters, you will especially benefit from fixed pier installation.

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