Learn What Makes a Boat Lift Essential for Every Boat Owner

Discover the Boat Lift Essentials: Protect Your Boat and Save in the Long Run

If you own both a boat and a personal dock, you might think the best storage option is the water. But believe it or not, this method of storage can cause long-term damage to your vessel. Learn why so many people find a boat lift essential—all the ways it makes your life easier.

A boat lift is a piece of equipment that stores a boat above the water. It prevents deterioration and algae build-up, eliminates impacts from water fluctuation, and makes getting in and out of the water more convenient.

A Boat Lift Prevents Damage, Algae, and More

Constantly leaving your boat in the water causes several problems. In the long-term, water causes:

  • Blistering on the hull
  • Lower-unit wear
  • Corrosion

Algae may also collect on the boat’s exterior, creating layers of scum and residue you must remove. In addition, it wears down your paint job, depending on what kind of paint you use.

In other words, you waste your time and money on totally avoidable maintenance. With a boat lift, your boat is held out of the water when not in use.

This elevation prevents the grime and wear that results from it continually sitting in water. That means less scrubbing and less spending.

While a boat is a long-term investment that requires occasional costly maintenance, a boat lift helps cut down those expenses.

Keep Your Boat Safe from Rough Waters

When your boat is tied up to the pier, rough waters can push it against the dock. In nasty weather, this motion can become more violent, knocking and grinding the boat against the structure.

During the winter, ice floes can also crash and scrape against your boat, resulting in scuffs or even dents. The same goes for debris during and after a storm.

Additionally, depending on your location, you might experience changing water levels caused by seasonal shifts or storms. In these cases, an improperly tied boat might lift or turn over, which could cause all sorts of damage.

Using a boat lift eliminates that risk, potentially saving you big on repair and maintenance costs.

Boat Lifts Ensure Easier, Safer Boarding

Convenience is another major reason many people consider a boat lift essential.

Along with saving you money by protecting your boat, a boat lift also makes using your boat easier and safer. Changing water levels, high winds, and other conditions can make it tricky to maneuver on and off your boat.

A boat lift provides a stable foundation so that you can board your vessel more safely.

A boat lift also cuts down on the time you spend completing your safety check before deploying your craft. When your boat constantly sits in the water, you must check for debris, cracks, and leaks in the hull before launching.

Having a boat lift means you can simply drive off the lift and skip those extra steps. Additionally, it makes performing necessary maintenance checks much easier and safer.

Do You Consider a Boat Lift Essential? Give Us a Call

So, if you own a boat, we recommend not leaving it in the water. Instead, save yourself time and money by raising it with a boat lift.

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Editor’s note: This blog was originally published on February 5, 2019 and was updated on June 26, 2019.