Boat Canopies

At Captain Rod's we offer MAX Canopies and Sunchaser Canopies. Whether you need boat canopies to protect against the elements, or stay out of the sun, Captain Rod's has you covered.
boat canopies



MAX Canopies

The Stordry Canopy features thick 18 oz. Shelter-Rite™, heat welded seams to eliminate leaks, vinyl reinforcements in key areas to reduce chafing, and vents at both ends to allow air flow inside the canopy. This includes great coverage from the elements, and sturdy frames that hold up in high winds. MAX’s deep canopy frame coupled with longer valance options provides up to 53” of coverage for your watercraft.

Sunchaser Canopy

Sunchaser Canopies are backed with over 25 years of first hand experience in the boat lift industry. This experience has produced an attractive, lightweight, durable and easy to assemble boat lift canopy. The Sunchaser Canopy possesses some very unique features not found in any other canopy brands. In designing the ideal boat lift canopy, Sunchaser thought of just about everything.

Why Choose Sunchaser Canopy?

These canopies are entirely universal with models to fit all makes, shapes and sizes of boat lifts. Sunchaser wants you to spend the day on the water, not cleaning up an unnecessary, unattractive mess, so their canopies are designed without corners to keep birds and spiders from wanting to make a home in your boat’s shelter. This innovative design also allows for much better airflow and the marine grade fabric used not only breathes but is also lightweight, weighing in at ¼ the weight of vinyl. The fabric’s breathability resists the condensation that would normally transfer mildew and stains to your boat, unlike the vinyl materials commonly used on the market today. While all boat lift canopies protect your boat from sun and rain, only Sunchaser Canopies prevent stains caused by bird droppings. As far as installation is concerned, Sunchaser thought of everything. Using Velcro instead of bungee chords or rope makes their boat lift canopies a breeze to install and remove each year. The open end design of Sunchaser canopies does not capture intense gusts of wind, making it a great choice for protecting your boat in areas frequented by stormy weather. This design is also perfect for boats with wakeboard towers as they can pull right up without issue or added hassle, and from an aesthetic stand point, the design allows owners to see more of the lake and less of the canopy.

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