At Captain Rod's, we design and install custom permanent steel frame piers. The frame is welded together with no moving parts, and topped with your choice of decking to suit your needs. Two of our most popular options in that regard are Genovations PVC decking and Sure-Step virgin polypropylene decking.




Genovations Deck Flooring and Railing creates the highest quality PVC products in the industry. If you’re tired of moldy composites, cracked vinyl, saggy boards, and heavy, water-logged capped composites than look no further than Genovataions.


The Genovations tongue and groove design installs in less than half the time of standard competitors decking. The hollow channels of each piece allow heat to efficiently dissipate, resulting in far cooler surface temperatures (no hot feet!). The I-beam engineering makes it one of the strongest 5/4” deck boards on the market today, and still manages to weigh in significantly lighter than other leading composites. Genovations does not fade, stain, mold, crack, warm, absorb water, sag or require fasteners.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • ADA (American Disabilities Act) approval
  • Reflectants in the surface to reduce heat
  • Conductive heat loss through hollow spaces
  • 3 truss I-beam construction for support
  • Identical dimensions to 5 ¼” boards
  • Installs faster than the leading competition
  • Pan head screws for installation to save an average of Genovations Decking in Driftwood and Weather Wood by Captain Rod's Boat Lift and Pier Service $1 per foot – 10 years of proven market success
  • Availability in 12’, 16’, 20’, and 24’ lengths
  • Impermeability towards insects
  • A weight of 1.2 lbs per foot (approx. ¼ the weight of composites)
  • Bagged materials for a clean install
  • Made in America with American quality


Sure-Step has been a leader in dock systems and walkways since 2001. Sure-Step is a UV resistant virgin polypropylene (vinyl/plastic) dock product that is not only friendly on your feet, but also a good friend to the environment. It’s unique open web chevron pattern design allows water, wind and sunlight to pass through it to aid in conservation of both the deck itself as well as the surrounding eco system. The vegetation around your Sure-step dock will remain alive and thriving and the force of the common incoming waves is greatly minimized by the unique design, keeping your dock stable through stormy weather. Sure-step’s light weight pieces are constructed with an interlocking system which makes installation just about as easy as it gets. The surface of Sure-step docks remains cool on hot days and slip resistant when commonly exposed to water.

The Sure-Step Advantage

  • Attractive chevron design
  • No fault spacing and alignment creates a uniform pattern
  • Made from UV resistant virgin polypropylene
  • Slip resistant for a safer surface in a marine environment
  • Barefoot friendly- surface remains cool
  • Available in three natural colors and three sizes
  • Resistant to fading, twisting and warping
  • High UV properties keeps dock looking new longer than competitors
  • No wood fibers to compromise performance over time
  • Strong Chevron pattern dissipates heat
  • Proven test results by certified labs
  • Quality built to ISO 9001 standards
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Quick and easy minimal waste installation
  • Costs less than other vinyl decking and a high return on investment
  • Maintenance free with no painting, staining or sealing necessary
  • Easy clean up using any mild household soap

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