Waterfront Accessories

We offer a wide range of Waterfront accessories to add fun, relaxation, safety and functionality to your time on the water. Everything from floating pads for sun basking, to docks and accessories for your water toys is covered here at Captain Rod’s.
waterfront accessories



At Captain Rod’s Boat Lift & Pier Services, we want to be your source for all things fun and functional on the water. We offer a full line of products to add excitement, relaxation, safety and more to your waterfront property.

Otter Island

This foam filled float is virtually indestructible with a 3,000 lbs capacity. It offers built in lounges and a table that fold down flat when you want a smooth surface as well as added storage below the seats. Just like the sun spot, it comes with those safe rounded corners and non-slip surface as well as a few customizable color choices and the option to add an umbrella or seat pads to your package.

Wave Ports

We offer a line of virtually indestructible and unsinkable PWC floats for your water toys. Our floats can be installed anywhere with no concern for rocky, mucky or uneven bottoms.


We offer a wide range of extras for everything from protection of your gear to mobility, functionality, and aesthetic.

  • Pull-up ladders
  • Benches
  • Stairs
  • Kayak racks
  • Dock straight and corner bumpers
  • Dock handrails
  • Seawall or Dock boarding steps
  • Various ladders for docks or pontoons

For more information on our waterfront products give us a call at 815.759.9134