boat lift



Protect Your Boat from Harm

When left floating in the water, a boat is highly susceptible to algae and corrosion. As a result, the vessel’s life expectancy will decline dramatically. Fortunately, boat lifts prevent this problem by keeping a boat away from water’s harmful effects when not in use.

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Keep Your Boat Looking Good as New

Nothing hurts a watercraft’s resale value like the effects of rough waters over time. If you leave your boat sitting in the water, scuffs and scrapes from debris, ice, and algae will accumulate. A boat lift will also minimize these effects, keeping your boat looking younger longer.

Simplify Boarding and Maintenance

Getting in or working around a boat that is floating on the water can be dangerous. However, boat lifts solve this problem by providing a stable platform for boarding and maintenance. Why not embrace that stability and give your sea legs a break?

Get a Quality Boat Lift from a Trusted Brand

Captain Rod’s only sells lifts from trusted brands to ensure they will be dependable. These brands offer a wide range of products that are the perfect fit, whether you have a floating dock or permanent pier. Check out our boat lifts for sale today to learn more about them!

Complete Your Lift with the Perfect Accessories

We also have plenty of accessories to enhance your boat lift experience. These products include canopies, Direct drive motor systems, Premier walkways, Canopy lighting, and more! Plus, our experienced salespeople will help you determine the perfect accessories for your lift.

Receive Trustworthy Service from a Skilled Team

Our dedicated team of foremen is here to support your needs. We deliver, assemble, and install boat lifts all over the Chain O’ Lakes region. Furthermore, if annual removal or routine maintenance is necessary, we will happily perform these services too!

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